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Truly News: 5 Myths About MSP’s

Myth# 1: An MSP will not understand our business
Not all MSP’s will understand your business, that is correct, but not all MSP’s are the same.

Truly Secure examines your existing work infrastructure, and we also meet with your team to better understand your needs.

When adopting Truly Secure services, we will ensure that IT experts are always available who can make specific technological recommendations and deploy solutions. Meanwhile, your internal IT team can focus on driving the growth of your organization.


Myth #2: Outsourcing to an MSP is too costly
Internal IT Costs are often high and unpredictable.

Truly Secure will help reduce and optimize costs for your organization. Your business will pay a manageable monthly, quarterly or annual fee. This will make IT operating expenses predictable and simplify your budgets.

Truly Secure will also provide long-term cost savings by:

– Reducing applications downtime
– Cutting costs of IT infrastructure
– Improving IT team productivity
– Increasing security to avoid costly cyber attacks


Myth #3: MSP’s are only used by large Enterprise companies.
A misconception that is widely shared is that only big corporations hire MSP’s. In fact, small- to medium-sized businesses can benefit far more from working with an MSP like Truly Secure.

Large companies tend to have a dedicated IT team to secure data and maintain its systems. Smaller companies have more difficulty competing for IT talent.

Truly Secure gives any business access to skilled IT specialists. We are specialists in securing data, managing networks, and user access. You get top talent and best practices, without having to add employees to your roster. We are confident we will reduce your IT costs.


Myth #4: By working with MSP you will lose all control of your organization.
By hiring Truly Secure services, you will dictate what level of control you want to maintain. Our working relationship will be established within a Service Level Agreement which meets your approval.

This document should describe expectations, roles and responsibilities, and the scope of services. We invite you to look at our customer testimonials before hiring us!

We will continuously update your company with the work we complete and recommend for you to assign a representative to manage the relationship between both of us.


Myth #5 – MSP’s will only help you recover from a disaster or backup.
Truly Secure services include so much more than disaster recovery and backup. For example, we also provide file, network, application management, support services, and more.

Truly Secure does the work your IT team does not want to, and that your employees generally care little about. We handle all monitoring and maintenance of backend technology, routine and recurring tasks, 24 / 7 / 365 days a year. We pride ourselves on reducing the chaos of your employee vacation periods.

With Truly Secure, you will always receive high-quality IT support. We have proven results of improving the morale of your overworked and overloaded IT team. Today’s businesses depend on their technology to be successful. Big or small, your business can benefit. Free up internal IT teams to focus on value-added initiatives.