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An expert Cyber Security Company in Dubai, trusted by businesses to keep them safe since 2010.

Solving Dubai's Cyber Security Challenges

Lacking Trust in The Measures Your Cyber Security Company has implemented?

Experiencing Cyber Incidents?

If your business is experiencing regular phishing attacks, system downtime, or has experienced a breach, this is an important signal to take action.

Lacking Cyber Security Experience?

Does your current IT supplier lack the skills and industry understanding necessary to support your business?

Is your Integrity Protected?

Given the rise in cyberattacks, are you confident in the capability and configuration of your technical defences?

Inadequate Training?

Your workforce is the first line of defence in terms of cyber security. Are they properly trained?

Truly Strategic Cyber Security Services in Dubai

Enterprise-Grade Security

Every organization should have access to the most effective security technologies on the market. Our unique product architecture enables customers to leverage best-in-class security services from the industry’s most respected brands, minus the cost and complexity of multiple single-point solutions.


Simplicity is the key to the successful adoption of technology. As such, all of our products are not only easy to initially configure and deploy. They are also designed with an emphasis on centralized management, making ongoing policy and network management simple and straightforward.

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Adoption of a single security scanning service is no longer an effective network security strategy. Organizations must take a layered approach to security when it comes to protecting their networks. We engineer WatchGuard’s platform to deliver the fastest throughput when it matters - with all security engines turned on.


When it comes to network security, seeing is knowing, and knowing leads to action. WatchGuard’s award winning visibility tools - both WatchGuard Cloud Visibility and the on-premises solution Dimension - enable busy IT managers to identify and take action to resolve potential security threats instantly.

Cyber Security challenges

Our approach to your challenges.

Security Training

Our years of expertise and unique IT Training courses enables us to successfully train employees across Dubai and beyond to comprehend and recognise risks, making them your security's strongest asset.

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Backup & Restoration

Get a little peace of mind knowing that, whichever path you take, you can quickly restore systems to their prior state, significantly decreasing downtime.

Network Security

We configure, operate, and meticulously monitor your network perimeter defences to fully protect them from outside attacks and ensure the security of all your important data.

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IT Support Worker and Client Dubai

User 02:37PM

Our Network needs to be secure so that it is safe from breaches

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Truly Secure 02:46PM

We can secure your Network from Cyber Threat actors and keep all of your systems secure

IT Support Worker and Client Dubai

User 09:44AM

We have a lot of files that we need to ensure the safety of

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Truly Secure 10:02AM

We can implement a full backup and restoration system for you

IT Support Worker and Client Dubai

User 12:09PM

Our Employee’s are not well versed in Cyber Threats

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Truly Secure 12:24PM

We offer Security Training for Employees to help decrease the risk of them falling for cyber threats

Attack prevention with Static AI

End-Point Detection & Response

SentinelOne has built solutions to meet your organization’s infrastructure needs, such as Scalability, Cloud and On-Premise Management, Offline Support, and Robust API’s.

Enterprise Proven

SentinelOne has built solutions to meet your organization’s infrastructure needs. We provide Scalable, Cloud and On-Premise Management, Offline Support, and Robust API.

Single, Holistic Agent

Lightweight and high-performance PC, Mac, Linux, and VDI. We have you covered. Security in real tme on the devices, and fully autonomous.

Security Integrations

Our product can serve as a platform or as an integrator. SentinelOne currently has 15 integrations for our customers, including Splunk, Fortinet, Okta, BigFix, and Tanium.

Certified & Recognized

We have worked with the security industry and specific verticals to be compliant and proven: Gartner, NSS Labs, AV-Test, AV-Comparatives, MRG Effitas, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA to name a few.

Ransomware Warranty

Our Chief of Security Strategy drafted our ransomware warranty program because customers should not be left in the dark when new cyber attacks occur.


We are reimagining cybersecurity for the modern world. Everything we do is built for the threats of tomorrow, utilizing behavior and AL is equally important in what we do: Architecture.