Truly Secure

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Global Operations

1. General Information & Contact Details  

1.1. Truly Secure Group (Our Company)

This Privacy Notice applies to the Truly Secure Group.In the following referred to as “We” or “Truly Secure Technologies”. 

We are registered in Dubai under registration number2547, and the registered office is located at DTEC, Block B, Dubai Silicon Oasis Dubai. 

1.2. Truly Secure Contact Details

Address:-TrulySecure Technologies FZCO, 104, Union Tower, Expo Road, Dafan Al Nakheel, Ras AlKhaimah, UAE. P.O. Box: 5779

Telephone:- +971 7 2269005

2. Truly Secures’ Commitment  

Truly Secure Technologies Group sees the protection of Personal Data and Data Privacy as in excess of a legitimate commitment; we consider individual security as a crucial right that we as an organization have the obligation to ensure. Truly Secure Technologies is focused on protecting every Personal Datum that we may process about clients, providers, or our representatives.

We maintain all appropriate national or international data protection and privacy laws and we collaborate with and support any exercises that plan to verify our consistency regarding audits and investigations. We report data breaches as fast as possible under the circumstances and adopt an outcome arranged strategy to viably and effectively resolve any issues arising because of an inadvertent or unexpected data breach.

This Privacy Notice depicts the structure for regarding these security responsibilities and commitments. We endeavor to be straight forward and provide accessible information, so if you have any inquiries related to this Privacy Notice, please contact Truly Secure via email.

3. Truly Secures Data Privacy Principles 

We apply the principles below when gathering or potentially consuming personal data (P.D.) for our clients: 

Personal Data: means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (data subject); an identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person.

Art.4 (1) EU GDPR

•               P.D.will be handled legally and reasonably

•               P.D.will be kept, utilized, or revealed for explicit and legal purposes

•               P.D.will be sufficient and applicable, not inordinate

•               P.D.will be held for no longer than is essential for the reasons for which they were obtained

•               P.D.will be precise, finished, and time relevant.

•               P.D.will be given in transcript duplicates to individuals upon demand, in accordance with our responsibility to the law

•               P.D.will be kept secure utilizing technical and authoritative measures, grounded in privacy and protection by design.

4. Privacy Notice Scope

This Privacy Notice applies where Truly Secure Technologies is acting as a Data Controller as for the Personal Data of:

•               Attendees in our events, online or in-person

•               Subscribers to our Truly Newsletters; or

•               Potential or existing clients/providers that receive our advertising or separate communications from us regarding marketing or deals.

•               Data Controller: Truly Secure Technologies views itself as a Data Controller when we decide the reasons and methods for the handling of the individual data.

5. About the Personal Data  

5.1. What Personal Data 

In the interest of offering the types services and interchanges recorded in Section 4 (Privacy Notice Scope) we may process the accompanying personal data:

•               Full Name

•               Title or Role

•               Email Address (Work)

•               Telephone Number (Work)

The Personal Data that we process is constrained to what you as a client may give us permission to access, we strongly advise against providing Personal Data that is not required to our administrations or correspondences.

By no means do we gather exceptional classifications of personal data as characterized in Article 9 and 10 of the GDPR.

5.2. Lawful basis 

We may process any data that you send to us regarding an enquiry or solicitation for services.

Considering the above statement:

•               All Personal Data secured by this Privacy Notice is given to us by you

•               You have communicated interest for accepting correspondence about our events,services; as well as advertising material

•               TrulySecure have interest in delivering relevant communication to our customers,whether they are existing or potential customers.  

To guarantee that we can report and legitimize our customers choice for engagement, we assess on several criteria the legitimacy of our customer communication, which can be provided if requested upon. Should this be of interest to you, please contact Truly Secure and we will be glad to help you.

6. Safeguarding your Personal Data  

6.1. Location of your Personal Data 

The Truly Secure Group operates inside and outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and the European Union (EU). Therefore, the personal data of our customers may and could be subject to the international regulations.

Despite the restrictions in place geographically from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we apply the same standards and norms governing data and information assurance to each and all employees,contractual workers, expert consultants and agency representatives working for any of our auxiliaries around the world.

To guarantee a reliable and significant level of security, we have set up our internal security guidelines and policies. To demand a copy of this document, please contact Truly Secure via email.

6.2. Access to your Personal Data 

The integrity and classification of data stored on ourIT frameworks are secured by controls to guarantee that only approved representatives of Truly Secure may gain access to fulfill their duties. All workers have consented to a confidentiality agreement in where they are held to strict terms to ensure the security and safety of our clientele data.

We may disperse your Personal Data to any individual from the Truly Secure Technologies Group. As an example, we may provide this information to our subsidiaries in the event that it is essential for business continuity as stated in this privacy notice. We have Binding Corporate Regulations set up to guarantee consistency regarding this matter throughout the group. To demand a duplicate of our Binding Corporate Regulations, please contact Truly Secure via email.

We don’t provide your information to any public or private external parties without your prior written consent, except if we are requested to do so by the EU, international or national regulations as stated in documents such as the GDPR. It is important to secure the essential interests of our clients or any other individual/company that Truly Secure holds the responsibility of processing their personal data.

6.3. Protection of our Personal Data 

Truly Secure Technologies protects your Personal Data and has internal Data Security policies, procedures and controls set up to ensure the security of your Personal Data. Our Data Security is dependent on an intensive assessment of the dangers and risks involved in contemplating the classifications of Personal Data and the categories of Data Processing being hereby referred to.

We have set up specialized and authoritative measures in regard to security to guarantee that your Personal Data is protected against unapproved or unlawful management of your data, and also against unintentional compromise, loss, or damage thereof.

Also, we guarantee that only authorized and approved personnel will have access to your Personal Data. We consistently back-up alldata to avoid any potential data loss for all of our clientele.

If a data breach were to occur, we will inform the dedicated authorities to handle this matter. In the case that a data breach imposes any risk towards your personal data, Truly Secure will inform you upon receipt of this information and advise the appropriate measures to move forward with

6.4. Our Data Retention Policy 

The personal data of our clientele is stored for the period of time that it is essential to satisfy the reason for which the information was acquired.

In situations where it isn’t feasible for us to indicate ahead of time the information storage period, we will decide the time of retention dependent on an individual assessment of the need and importance for the reasons determined in Section 4.

In the event that you wish to have your own information eradicated, please refer to section 7.1.

Legal commitments: Notwithstanding the provisions of this Section 6, we may hold your own information where such it is required for compliance with the law, or so as to ensure your organizations crucial interests or the crucial interests of another individual.

7. Your rights and how to exercise them  

7.1. Your rights under the GDPR 

In light of a legitimate concern for complete transparency and disclosure, Truly Secure have summarized your consumer right and privileges under the  GDPR Chapter 3. Be that as it may, several of these right and privileges are complicated, and we highly recommend you understand and read the relevant regulations and recommendations from your local authority in charge of this matter.

7.1. Privileges and rights under the GDPR

The Right of Access

You reserve the right to be made aware of whether we process your own personal information. In the event that we process such information, you have the right to acquire this data, considering that the rights and freedoms of other parties are not hindered.

Truly Secure will present to you a transcript of you rdata. The primary duplicate will be provided to you for free, however,additional duplicates will incur an additional expense.


In the case that any of your personal data is presented to you as incomplete or inaccurate, you reserve the right to have this amended and rectified.


The right to eradication is otherwise called the”right to be forgotten”. If it is the case that the conditions in Article 17 apply, you reserve the right to have your personal data erased from our records.

NOTE: There are specific exceptions to the right for data,for consistence with a legitimate commitment, or for the foundation, exercise or guard of lawful cases.

Confine Processing

In certain conditions you reserve the option to limit the processing of your data, for instance if:

•               You wish to challenge the accuracy of the personal data;

•               TrulySecure no longer require the personal data for the reasons of processing, yet you require the data for the foundation, exercise or defense of legal cases;and

•               You have protested the processing of your data, pending the confirmation of that protest.

The information listed is not long, and we recommend for you to view Article 18 of the GDPR to understand this fully.


When in doubt, you reserve the right to be informed of:

•               Rectification of your personal data

•               Eradication or your personal data

•               Restricting the processing of your personal data

Data Portability

You reserve the right to acquire your personal data from Truly Secure in an organized, standardized and machine-readable format. In any case, this right does not have any significant bearing where it would unfavorably influence the rights and freedoms of other parties.

The Right to Object

You reserve the right to protest our handling of your personal data on grounds in relation with your particular circumstance, to the degree that the lawful reason for the data processing is that the processing is vital for:

•               the execution of an errand completed in the public interest or;

•               the activity of any official authority vested in us or;

•               the reasons of genuine interests sought after by us or an additional party.

In the event that you object to Truly Secure processing your data, we will stop immediately except if we can show legitimate reasoning for the data processing which abrogate your inclinations, freedoms,and rights; OR if the processing is for the foundation, exercise or protection of lawful claims. You reserve the right to question and object to our processing of your own data for direct promotional purposes (considering profiling for direct promotional purposes). If such an objection takes place,we will stop processing your data immediately for the reasons stated above.  

7.2. Exercising your rights

At any time, you have the right to put into action all the above by contacting Truly Secure with your request. Please proceed by sending a solicitation recorded in writing to Truly Secure inclusive of a clear breakdown regarding the information you wish to acquire. Truly Secure will respond as soon as possible to your request.

7.3. Your entitlement to register a grievance with a supervisory power

We adopt an assistance led strategy to ensure your rights are fulfilled. Be that as it may, should you experience that we have adequately addressed your solicitation, or that our processing of your personal data infringes data protection laws, we encourage you to inform Truly Secure immediately and submit your complaint accordingly.

Registering a grievance to Truly Secure does not restrict you from presenting the grievance to the supervisory authority as well. You have the right to do this in your place of work, the location of the alleged grievance, or in the EU member state of your nationality or residence.