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In our digital world, businesses of all sizes are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of digital capabilities in their success. In just 3 decades, the percentage of the global population with internet access has increased from 0.05% to over 60% today; a figure that is only likely to rise further in the coming years. As the world continues to move online it’s important to be prepared, and that means being equipped with flexible, reliable, future-ready technology, and having the support of a dedicated IT partner who has your business’s best interests at heart. That’s where we come in…


Truly Secure – Managed IT Support and Strategy for Dynamic Dubai Businesses


Here at Truly Secure, we deliver, robust and secure information technology that aligns with the strategic aims of the businesses we serve. We offer fully managed tech services tailored to the needs of professional, technical and heavily-regulated businesses, with clients across the city and region, including in the DIFC, the Dubai Biotech Research Park and Dubai Media City. From cyber security and the Cloud to managed IT and compliance, we have the skills and experience required to develop your technology in ways that deliver meaningful commercial benefits and productivity gains.


By now you may be wondering: what makes Truly Secure different? We appreciate that in Dubai’s competitive IT marketplace it can be hard to discern the best from the rest, so here’s what we believe makes Truly Secure the best IT support company in Dubai.


Competitive, Comprehensive Managed IT


We offer a range of IT management and support packages at various price points, designed to cater for a range of budgets and IT complexities.


Our entry level package – Truly React – features all the essential support and cyber security functions, including remote support, endpoint threat detection and response, device management and patching, cybersecurity training and much more.


At the other end of the scale, our ‘Truly Secured’ package is designed to serve as an offsite IT department, featuring strategic consultancy services, IT policy development, penetration testing and our 24/7 Security Operations centre alongside extensive management and support services.

No matter which offering you choose for your business you can be assured of secure, dependable managed IT, and access to friendly, responsive support when you need it.


Solutions Designed for The Modern World of Work


Thanks to the rise of Cloud computing, scalable computing resources, flexible access to the best enterprise software, and secure, access-anywhere storage is now within the reach of almost any business.


Let Truly Secure help you navigate the sometimes-perplexing world of the cloud, with expert guidance that leverages a thorough understanding of your business, how you operate and any compliance constraints you face.


Want to unlock the dormant value held in your business’s data? We can establish, configure and support class-leading business insight platforms that allow you to tap into your data no matter where it’s generated or stored.


Need help keeping remote employees connected and engaged? Microsoft 365 offers a complete range of tools, platforms and services designed to help remote employees produce their very best work. We can guide your migration to this empowering suite of products, ensuring the integrity of your data is maintained at all times, and that user devices are configured for maximum security. Through ongoing user support we’ll ensure your employees know how to get the most out of the service, and we’ll work with you to adapt your Microsoft environment around the quirks of your business and its workflows.


Looking to implement a fully compliant cloud backup? We offer a fully managed cloud backup service, featuring geo-redundancy, point-in-time restoration and cost-efficient storage for the ultimate in business resilience and peace of mind.


No matter which digital workplace solutions you’re looking to explore, with Truly Secure you can be assured of a solution moulded to suit your needs. Using our business process assessment, we’ll seek to understand the intricacies, pressures, constraints and quirks of your business in order to craft solutions that address your most pressing challenges.


Compliance and Security as Standard


Today, almost no business escapes the reach of data protection legislation or standards. Depending on the nature of your business and the compliance framework you operate in, non-compliance could result in hefty fines, litigation and severe reputational damage, so it’s vital to ensure your data handling activities follow the rules to the letter.


Our compliance services are designed to help your business satisfy the requirements of some of the globes most rigorous regulatory frameworks, including the likes of the GDPR, HIPAA, the NIST framework, PCI DSS and SOC 2. We can help you reach out to new markets safe in the knowledge that your data handling, processing and storage practices meet the required standard.


To help you achieve your compliance objectives, we offer a range of security tools and managed services, which, when used together, are designed to offer comprehensive threat protection covering every possible angle of attack. From managed firewall protections and endpoint antivirus to end user training and security policy development, we can help you instate the systems and practices necessary to keep your environment secure, and your data properly controlled.


Technology that Syncs with your Business


Implemented correctly technology can act as a catalyst for growth, helping your business reach new heights of profitability and efficiency. However, the benefits are only fully realized when the right technology is deployed in a considered, strategic way, which invariably means developing and configuring bespoke solutions in response to a unique set of challenges and constraints. That’s why we take a tailored, solution-focussed approach to every service we offer and solution we implement.


This all begins with our IT Roadmap service, a process that will seek to align your technology with your operational challenges and set out a blueprint for IT development that supports your business’s growth objectives. We’ll perform a rigorous analysis of your existing setup to draw attention to deficiencies and vulnerabilities. Then, by means of our business process assessment, we’ll seek to gain a detailed understanding of how you operate, and the ways in which your business practices are coming into conflict with your IT. Armed with a wealth of information about your business and its existing IT, we’ll then craft a detailed, costed action plan that outlines immediate improvement actions in addition to those that could prove beneficial further down the line.


Whether you’re looking for fully-managed IT and Support, or you’re looking for bolt-on services to supplement your in-house team, with Truly Secure your business’s processes, people and pain-points will always be our priority.


IT Support for Dubai and UAE based Businesses – Truly Secure

Truly Secure provides IT management, support and strategy to technical, professional and regulated businesses in Dubai and across the UAE. We help businesses big and small overcome commercial challenges, surmount regulatory hurdles and scale new heights of efficiency using expertly managed, tailored technology. Get in touch today to find out how Truly Secure could help your business reach its potential through technology.