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Empowering Digital Transformation in One of the Middle East’s Largest Law Firms

The Truly Secure team had the pleasure of working with one of the largest law firms in the Middle East, who came to us for support with rolling out their ambitious digital transformation programme whilst ensuring that highly sensitive data remained completely safe and secure.  

Truly Secure supported the organization to strategically upgrade their infrastructure and perform a cloud migration, automate their workflows and collaboration tools, and implemented a new sophisticated cybersecurity system. Here is how the project developed.  


Mapping the Territory and Designing a Strategy 

From the get-go, we worked closely with this client to undertake a thorough assessment of their existing systems, processes and workflows as well as engaging with stake holders to get a clear picture of opportunities and pain points that could be leveraged. From these insights, we created a tailored implementation strategy that transformed the complexities of the transformation into a clear and aligned plan.  


Infrastructure Upgrades and Cloud Implementation 

To match the ambitious expansion of the firm’s capabilities in its digital transformation, we revisited and upgraded the underlying infrastructure that supports the firm’s operations so that it was well positioned to support the firm’s IT requirements after the implementation of cloud-technology.  

As these upgrades took place, we assisted the client with rolling out its cloud migration. We helped the client to migrate their critical data and applications onto secure cloud platforms that offered them secure and seamless access to data with disaster recovery contingencies. Alongside this, these cloud systems can scale and develop in lockstep with the growth of the client’s business.  


Implementing Workflow Automation and Collaboration Tools  

After the successful rollouts and upgrades were completed, we worked diligently with the client to streamline their manual, human-driven processes by implementing workflow automation solutions that reduced the client’s administrative overheads and improved their efficiency.  

In line with the new and exciting opportunities that cloud technologies could now offer to the client, we integrated advanced collaboration tools into their operations. These included easy to use and instantaneous document sharing and storage, live remote collaboration on documents, and capabilities to link up work between colleagues, clients and external stakeholders.   


Creating a Robust Cybersecurity System

Looking to provide total assurance and security for the client’s highly confidential data, we began working on implementing an industry-leading cybersecurity system with them to safeguard their data, clients, and to ensure compliance and peace of mind.  

The implementation included network solutions such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems and secure network configurations, as well as advanced data encryption mechanisms data wherever it was in storage or transit. Effective cybersecurity also requires the diligence and awareness of employees, so we also conducted comprehensive staff training sessions that empowered them with useful knowledge and best practices to protect the security and integrity of the company. An incidence response plan was also developed to enable prompt and effective responses to potential cybersecurity incidents.  


A Beneficial and Transformative Experience  

We are grateful to have worked with this client and thoroughly enjoyed the process. The client shared a range of benefits that emerged from this digital transformation and cybersecurity journey.  

Among them were improved efficiencies across the company, resulting from more streamlined processes and workflow automations. Team members were also able to collaborate more seamlessly with each other and with external parties, creating more ease and client satisfaction from the greater responsiveness that this transformation enabled. On top of this, greater agility and adaptability has been unlocked that enables more flexible working and collaboration opportunities.  

An augmented cybersecurity framework and system that assures the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive legal data, without compromising the availability of this data for secure work purposes. The project has empowered the client to achieve compliance with confidence in relation to regulations as well as industry best practices.  


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We’re always glad to serve clients to achieve their goals and realize their ambitions, we take pride in helping them to help others. If your organization needs support with its digital transformation journey or implementing a robust and compliant cybersecurity system, get in touch today and we will be glad to help you.