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7 Ways managed IT Services Can Help Dubai Businesses Unlock Value

Today’s businesses rely on digital technology to a greater degree than ever before. With continued growth in cloud computing and emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning, managing corporate IT systems is set to become even more challenging in the coming years. Organizations keen to remain competitive and nimble require fully-optimised, reliable and secure IT infrastructure that supports both internal processes, and first-class service delivery.  


Furthermore, in order to remain competitive in Dubai’s fast-moving business landscape, organisations must embrace the latest, efficiency-driving solutions. This means deploying technology to strategic effect, and taking a long view when it comes to IT planning and change implementation. For many businesses, balancing daily IT management tasks, with the need for strategic forward-thinking can prove too much of a challenge, which inevitably results in sluggish digital adoption, and poor alignment between technology, processes and people. 


By partnering with a managed IT services provider however, Dubai businesses can uncover hidden potential in their technology stacks and enjoy secure, efficient, and high-performance technology that supports business success.  


Here at Truly Secure, our IT support and management services aim to add real, measurable value to the businesses we serve across Dubai, the UAE, and the wider gulf region. To help you understand the benefits of outsourcing your IT to a managed service provider, here are 7 ways managed IT services can add value to Dubai businesses. 


MSPs Have a Wealth of Time-Served Experience 

Managed service providers deliver an unparalleled breadth and scope of IT skills driven, in no small part by exposure to a vast range of real-world issues and challenges. MSPs have large client bases, often spanning organizations of all shapes, sizes and natures. This allows them to view your technology troubles with the benefit of prior experience, enabling them to devise innovative solutions to longstanding problems, and troubleshoot glitches more efficiently. 


An MSP will also have valuable insights into best practices and standards across your sector, giving them the ability to spot strategic shortcomings in your IT, and suggest cost-viable ways to make improvements. They’ll also be able to make recommendations to bring your IT into alignment with the leaders in your industry, allowing you to build and maintain a robust competitive advantage. 


MSPs Manage Technology Proactively 

One of the key advantages of partnering with an MSP is the proactive nature of the support on offer. Using remote monitoring and management systems (RMM) alongside managed cybersecurity services, MSPs ensure minor faults and vulnerabilities are addressed long before they’re able to escalate into business-critical IT performance issues or cyber breach events. 


Take business continuity and disaster recovery as a case in point. Organizations need reliable, fast and secure data backups in order to ensure information is fully recoverable in the event of a widespread system outage or cyber-attack. But, how do you ensure your backups and failover mechanisms will perform as expected during a real-world emergency? A managed service provider can test the readiness and integrity of your data backup systems of a regular basis using RMM capabilities. This ensures that your backups are functioning as intended and able to provide full system restoration should a crisis threaten your ability to operate.  


Managed IT Services are Cost-Efficient 

One of the main drawbacks of running an internal IT function is the lack of flexibility it offers. As technology requirements evolve and costs rise, organisations often look to their IT departments to make cutbacks. However, this can often result in resourcing challenges when demand increases again, and in some cases, staff from other departments are required to step in to perform IT tasks and troubleshoot problems that they aren’t properly trained to deal with. Over time, such issues can have a detrimental impact on IT system performance and can even put the brakes on business growth.  


By partnering with an IT managed service provider, you gain access to a flexible pool of talent, knowledge and expertise that you can draw upon when required, while avoiding the crippling labour costs that can accompany a large in-house IT function. MSPs tailor their offerings to businesses of varying sizes, and so will be able to scale their services to closely match the fluctuating needs of your company. This ensures your IT spending mirrors demand as your business evolves, providing a cost-efficient alternative to running your IT internally.  


MSPs Allow Your Staff to Focus on Tasks that Generate Value 

Many of the routine tasks performed by MSPs are vital to the integrity and smooth running of corporate IT systems, however they often don’t generate business value in and of themselves. By outsourcing routine monitoring and maintenance, cybersecurity management and helpdesk support to a managed service provider, you free up your internal IT staff to focus of strategic planning, and other initiatives that help your IT deliver measurable returns for your business. 


Similarly, leveraging managed IT services also ensures you never have to assign IT management and support tasks to staff lacking the necessary skills and experience. This allows your departments to focus on their core competencies without complex and time-consuming IT tasks competing for staff time. 


MSPs Help You Capitalise on the Latest Technologies    

MSPs typically hold numerous vendor partnerships, allowing them to extend the latest solutions and cutting-edge innovations to their clients on a cost-efficient basis. From cutting-edge network management software and endpoint protection to modern hardware resources and virtualisation capabilities, MSPs can help you capitalise on the latest technologies and stay abreast of the latest IT trends and innovations. Plus, thanks to vendor discounts, you’ll enjoy access to best-in-class solutions at market-leading prices. 


Managed IT Services Help You Conquer Security and Compliance Challenges 

In today’s high-risk digital landscape, no organization can afford to be complacent when it comes to cybersecurity. By partnering with an MSP, you’ll tap into a wealth of cybersecurity expertise and gain access to security platforms and controls that protect everything from your laptops, PCs and smartphones, to servers, applications and networking components. 


The best managed IT providers are also able to help their clients achieve compliance with a wide range of data security regulations and standards, including the likes of the GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA and ISO 27001. Maintaining and demonstrating regulatory compliance can be the key to secure, sustained business growth, and is vital to winning the trust of existing and prospective clients alike.  


Minimize Downtime and Enjoy 24/7 Support When You Need it 

I single minute of network downtime can cost businesses up to $5600 in lost revenue, and that’s before you consider the frustration, inconvenience and stress caused by issues that impact your ability to operate. A continuous, proactive approach to IT management delivered by a committed MSP will minimize downtime across your IT environment, and provide your team with robust and stable technology that they can depend on. 


Should a problem arise, however small, you’ll have access to round-the-clock support, courtesy of your MSP’s helpdesk support function. This ensures you’re able to resolve troubling technical glitches or critical problems at any time, whether you’re working late or operating from a different time zone. 



Whether you’re a small business operating from a single office, or a larger enterprise with locations spanning the globe, managed IT services can help you unlock value and access a variety of business benefits. From proactive monitoring that intercepts minor issues before they develop further, to strategic guidance that can steer your business towards a brighter digital future guided by deep expertise, partnering with an MSP can help Dubai businesses track a course to success through technology. 


Partner with Truly Secure for Reliable IT Support in Dubai 

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