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6 Benefits of Managed Cybersecurity Services for Dubai Businesses

As the cybersecurity picture worsens both globally, and here in the UAE, businesses are under greater pressure than ever before to devise a comprehensive and robust cybersecurity strategy. In doing so, organizations have two main options: building an internal security operations centre (SOC) or seeking the support of a managed security services provider (MSSP). 


For most SMEs, managing cybersecurity in-house can be an overwhelming undertaking, with countless considerations to make, and challenges to overcome. For example, there’s currently an acute cybersecurity skills shortage globally, so finding the right talent to secure your digital environment could be easier said than done. Furthermore, assembling the right team of people takes time, and directs your focus away from running your business and serving your valued customers. There’s also the cost of building your cybersecurity infrastructure to consider, with software licenses and other overheads that can quickly add up. 


Truly Secure – IT Support and Managed Services for Security-conscious Dubai Businesses 

Here at Truly Secure, cybersecurity is our number on priority. Our proactive, dynamic approach to security, combined with cutting-edge tools, ensures we’re able to rigorously protect our clients against the growing cyber threat landscape. We offer a broad spectrum of managed security services alongside our responsive IT support, to help Dubai businesses benefit from secure, reliable, and trouble-free technology.  


We know it’s common among SMEs to consider managing cybersecurity internally. But as we’ll explain, doing so can be fraught with difficulties, and could leave your business susceptible to harmful cyber-attacks. Here are 6 reasons your Dubai business should seek the help of a managed security services provider to safeguard your digital estate. 


Lower Licensing Costs 

Cybersecurity requires a multi-layered approach, one that uses overlapping tools to provide multiple obstacles to malicious actors seeking to gain entry to your IT system.  


This means adopting a range of cybersecurity tools that cover a range of potential entry points. For example, you need a firewall to protect your network perimeter, endpoint antivirus software to safeguard devices against malware, email filtering technologies to intercept email-borne threats, and a mobile device management system to enforce security settings on portable devices. You may even want to implement an Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solution for real-time, full-environment threat monitoring and response, in conjunction with a Security Information and Event Management System (SIEM). 


Acquiring the licenses for these tools can quickly add up, and that’s before you’ve considered the staffing costs involved in configuring and managing the software. By partnering with a managed security services provider, you gain access to the latest and most effective security tools on a cost-effective basis, since they’re able to distribute licensing costs across their client base. 


Cybersecurity that Supports Your Compliance Goals 

Today, organisations across almost all sectors are having to deal with a burgeoning set of data protection regulations, much of which has significant implications for cybersecurity. Many of these regulations, such as the EU’s GDPR, require organisations to adopt a risk-proportionate stance to managing cyber risk, and to implement suitable measures to safeguard data against online threats. 


A managed cybersecurity provider can help you satisfy the requirements of leading security regulations and standards, by aligning your technology, processes and practices with the stipulations that apply specifically to your business. They will be well-practiced in helping businesses like yours meet the required standards, and will be able to help you construct compliance infrastructure that keeps your business on the right side of the regulations. 


Access Pre-assembled Expertise Spanning a Range of Disciplines 

From network and application security, to endpoint security and information governance, cybersecurity is a broad discipline comprised of numerous fields of specialization. Additionally, the constantly evolving nature of the sector requires cybersecurity professionals to undertake continuous learning and stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments and trends. 


These factors make it hard to attract and hire cybersecurity personnel with the right skills and credentials to properly protect your business. Doing so may require the assembly of a sizeable team, which is often cost-prohibitive for growing SMEs. There’s also an industry-wide shortage of the most in-demand cybersecurity skills required by modern businesses, particularly in the domain of cloud security. 


A Managed security service provider gives your Dubai business access to a pre-assembled talent pool that you can harness as and when the need arises. Gain access to a large team that would be unviable to operate in-house, and avoid spending precious time on lengthy recruitment campaigns that may not yield optimal results for your business.  


Real-time Threat Response 

Cyber-attacks can strike at any time, requiring businesses to be vigilant, and react quickly to early warning signs that may signal an imminent attack. For smaller businesses however, mounting real-time threat detection and response capabilities can be cost-prohibitive, and place too great a burden on internal staff. 


A managed security provider with SOC (Security Operations Centre) capabilities will enable you to spot suspicious activity in the early stages of an attack, and take action before a threat actor is able to gain a foothold in your network. Following a security incident, the provider will be able to suggest security posture enhancements to prevent a repeat attack, helping you to implement a programme of continuous improvement across your cybersecurity architecture. 


Harness the Latest Cyber Threat Intelligence 

Without the benefit of context and the latest cybersecurity insights, it can be hard to know exactly where to focus your resources. Identifying the areas of greatest risk, and prioritizing these for increased attention can be a challenge if you don’t know what to look out for, and you aren’t aware of the latest trends and statistics in the field of cybersecurity.  


A dynamic MSSP will stay on top of developments in cybersecurity and be able to adapt your posture in response to growing threat vectors. With the benefit of context, they’ll also be able to take an impartial view of your cybersecurity architecture, and suggest ways to bring your posture into alignment with industry standards and best practices.  


Manage Security Vulnerabilities Proactively 

Securing your digital environment requires you to know where your existing vulnerabilities lie, and to address these as a matter of urgency. However, without the right tools and capabilities, SMEs are often left guessing as to where latent security vulnerabilities are located, leading to a haphazard approach to security that leaves the greatest risks unresolved.  


Many managed security service providers offer routine vulnerability scanning as part of their offering, allowing you to examine applications and systems for the presence of known vulnerabilities. Some providers even offer penetration testing, an exercise that mimics the real-life attack pathways a hacker would use to infiltrate your digital domain. Both of these practices typically conclude with a detailed report highlighting the scan/test outcomes, alongside a list of remediatory actions that should be taken. From configuration changes and security patches to security policy changes and the introduction of new technical controls, an MSSP can help you take action to secure your IT system on a continuous basis, with the help of tests that shine a light on security weak points. 



Combining a wealth of expertise with industry-leading cybersecurity software, MSSPs provide an end-to-end security offering that puts cutting-edge cyber protection within the reach of resource-limited SMEs. Reach out to a managed security service provider today, and focus on running your business safe in the knowledge that your digital assets are being protected by committed cybersecurity professionals. 


Truly Secure – IT Support and Managed Cybersecurity for Dubai’s Regulated Industries 

Truly Secure helps organisations across Dubai and the UAE secure, streamline and optimize their IT environments to foster growth, and safeguard long-term success. As a security-first IT provider, or cybersecurity offering is second-to-none, offering everything highly regulated businesses need to manage cyber risks effectively, and conquer onerous compliance demands. If you are based in Dubaior across the UAE,contact us today to find out more! 

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