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4 Ways Truly Secure Helps Fintech Companies Secure Their Technology Infrastructure

As cyber threats continue to grow and evolve, and cyber security compliance becomes an increasingly important consideration globally, organisations across all sectors must act decisively to protect the data security interests of themselves and their clients. These obligations extend to innovative Fintech companies, with a commitment to cybersecurity best practice a prerequisite to growth and long term viability, as customers and regulators grow increasingly mindful of the threat to sensitive financial data.  


As a security-first MSP, Truly Secure helps organisations across the UAE and worldwide, secure their infrastructures using a combination of policy, training and cutting edge technical controls. From our base in Dubai, we serve businesses across some of the most compliance-laden sectors, giving our clients the tools, support and guidance they need to expand into some of the globe’s most heavily regulated markets.  


Recently, we extended our comprehensive cybersecurity offering into the exciting world of financial technology, as we assisted the Gulf region’s first all-digital bank in assembling a fully-compliant cybersecurity framework. This complex operation involved securing a large network of globally connected devices to provide seamless secure remote access to resources, and incorporating intelligent automation to improve productivity.  


We admire the disruptive innovation, accessibility, convenience and transparency fintech is bringing to the financial services sector, which is why we’re keen to help more emerging fintech companies develop their infrastructure in ways that promote  growth and safeguard data. So how do we achieve those objectives? Here’s a brief insight into how Truly Secure helps Fintech companies secure their infrastructure in 4 steps.  


Infrastructure Analysis 

At the beginning of the engagement, we try to gain a detailed understanding of the layout, intricacies, dependencies and security posture of the organization’s technology infrastructure. This exercise consists of a series of assessments which examine everything from network performance metrics and system capacity to security protocols and configurations.  


Our network scanning tools allow us gain a detailed insight into all aspects of network architecture, performance and security. This allows us to create a map of all network connected devices, zone in on misconfigurations and weaknesses that could jeopardise security, and draw up a list of improvement actions that can be performed immediately to enhance security posture. 


Compliance Audit  

Before wholesale cybersecurity changes can be made, we first have to assess current security controls against the standards required by any relevant data security regulations and frameworks. This depends largely on the jurisdictions the organisation is operating in, or seeking to operate in, but is likely to include (at a minimum) GPDR (EU) and the PCI DSS. In addition to these, we can help organisations adopt cybersecurity strategies that adhere to a range of globally recognised standards and territory-specific legislations, including NIST, ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOC 2 and the CIS benchmarks. 


This exercise involves a thorough review of documentation, policies, procedures and controls, and comparison against the standards required. Findings are then presented as an extensive report, with recommendations and corrective actions clearly outlined. 


We Develop a Cybersecurity Strategy 

Armed with the results of the compliance audit and infrastructure analysis, and taking into account the risk profile of the organisation’s activities, we then develop a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that combines policy, practice and technical controls. Here are some of the key elements such a strategy will consider: 

  • Information Security Policies. We can help develop information security policies that help employees understand their role in maintaining the integrity of systems and data. Such policies might pertain to security awareness training, password management, handling sensitive data types and responding to incidents. 
  • Secure Development Lifecycle. It’s vital for fintech companies to maintain the security of software deployments from initial development and throughout their life cycle. We can help establish a security framework that includes regular vulnerability assessments and code reviews to ensure the ongoing integrity of apps and services.  
  • Third-Party Risk Management. We can assist in evaluating the security credentials of third-party service providers, ensuring that they meet the same security standards required of the client organisation.  
  • Data Protection. Identifying sensitive data types and applying the appropriate controls and safeguards is a critical element in satisfying numerous compliance frameworks. We can develop and implement access controls, data loss prevention policies, secure storage protocols and technical safeguards like encryption to keep personally identifiable information and sensitive financial information away from prying eyes.  
  • Network Security. We can prescribe a range of technical measures to protect data stores and devices, both on premise and cloud-hosted. From live threat detection/response systems and firewalls to secure remote access measures and network segmentation, we can develop a plan that provides cost-efficient, potent protection.  
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR). A BCDR strategy is vital in ensuring a swift return to profitability following a disruptive event and minimising the impact of customers and partners. It’s also a key cybersecurity consideration, as it’s important to have measures in place to contain a breach and restore data in the event of corruption or loss. We help organisations develop sound BCDR strategies that incorporate leading data backup and failover systems as well as documentation to guide the recovery process. 


Ongoing Support 

 As a managed security service provider, Truly Secure can provide ongoing support and management for a wide range of environments. This support ranges in scope from real-time threat detection/response and continuous network monitoring to periodic security reviews and vulnerability testing. With Truly Secure on your side you’ll have a partner committed to the long-term security and integrity of your infrastructure.  


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